Can't configure WD Sync

Installed and re-installed Wd Sync several times. Latest firmware in the NASs and latest version of WD Sync. I can’t get past this . . .

Anyone got any ideas?

Hello Myron,

On what product are you getting this?

WDSync. Since I upgraded to Windows 10, this application has gone stage left and kept on going. Only once it seemed to work, but after a reboot it’s not worked since.

I’ve um-installed it and re-installed it and it won’t work. When I try to get at WDSync’s options, that is pictured is all that I get. When it did work WDSync seriously struggled to synchronise files. Very frequent messages stating that a file can’t be synced and WDSync will keep on trying.

It’s a mess. :frowning:

I am having the same issue and would like to know how to fix this.
I am running Windows 10.

I installed WD Sync and it worked correctly.
A few days later, I had to uninstall WD Sync, but I then re-installed it.

Now, when I attempt to go to Settings I just get a black window (see screenshot).

Please advise on how this can be fixed.

I believe it’s in the process of being looked it. I’ll give praise to anything what works as it should. I’m a pit-bull attached to an ankle when it don’t. I’ve tried since the beginning to get this bit of software to work correctly and when Windows 10 got introduced, well, that properly broke its back. WD Sync needs to go be pulled, go back to beta and this time nothing is sent for any form of marketing review.

I would not be surprised if the people responsible for designing WD Sync have got their managers pressurising them to get the software to be out there and working before it’s fully complete.

I should know. I’ve been in that situation and quite a few times my health suffered because of marketing deadlines and customers always changing their minds and managers with their switch stuck in; the “Yes, it can be done a soon as yesterday” position.

The hardware is generally ok. Some of the software is not. Marketing people try and guess what the majority want and then pat themselves on the back. They need to listen to what the people who buy the stuff actually want and when it gets reliably implemented it’ll have the competition on it’s knees.

It’s simple common sense folks. :wink: