Can't change the owner password

Hi, i have MBL 2TB with the latest firmware 2.10.12-129 and i have a problem regarding the owner password, when i change the owner password from the dashboard it tells me that the password is updated succesfully then after clicking any item on the dashboard i found that the owner password is reseted (the icon on the top saying “secure your device” returns back) also an error message is displayed:

Network link down

The network link is down or has become intermittent. Please check your network connection.

Considering that i didn’t leave the dashboard and all the steps is done in the same minute without network issues.

You may try resetting the MBL by holding its reset button for 4 seconds and retry. If the issue persists I suggest you to have your MBL replaced.

I did a reset from the device back but the problem still exists and I think the device is not faulty because this problem recently existed, I think it’s a bug in the firmware and i don’t know how to revert it back .

Update the firmware to the latest version which has been recently made avaialble.  It may sort out all the problems.

Thank you all , problem fixed after applying the new firmware.