Cant change tag info through iTunes server on my book live


Ok, so i have a MBL with three shares volumes: One Public and two Private.  I have put music on one of my private shares and it shows up in iTunes under the shared area.  i can play the songs fine, no delay, it all works quite well.  The only problem is this: I have some unknown artists in my music library so I right click - get info - and then try to change the artist name and its greyed out so I cant.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to solve it?

On a side note, originally I put all my music on my shared volume in Shared Music, but the itunes server didnt pick up on it, which was strange.  I checked, and the volume had All selected under the media scanning option (or whatever the title is), but it didnt help.  But then randomly i put a music file on one of my private shares and it worked great.  Does anyone know why its behaving that way?

Many thanks for any help that can be offered!

iTunes is READ-ONLY.

You cannot update files that you’re accessing via iTunes Server.

You need to update the file by accessing them via the Network Share.