Cant c videos folder in tv

Hi there,

i am new here, so sorry if i make a mistake.

I have a samsung TV LED  that can c my My book world II NAS. Usually, i can c 3 folders from my tv, photos, movies and music. Yesterday afternoon i upgraded my NAS firmware and i can not c the movies folder anymore. I also created a new mionet account, but i dont think it will make any difference. I also noticed, that the name of the NAS in my tv changed from mia to mybookworld. I tried changing the device name via WD interface but then i had issues connecting to it using my computer.

I check folders access, etc and i can not c what the problem is.

current firmware version is: 01.02.14 with MioNet

any clues?



Hi, try power cycling the My Book World and then try again. If the issue continues, press the reset button on the back of the My Book for 4 seconds, this will not delete any files but it will restore the My Book configuration back to default.