Can't browse files on NAS

Hi everyone,
my NAS works fine with all devices but a MS Surface 3 with Windows 10, latest build on it. A few days ago it stopped letting me browse the NAS from File Explorer. The NAS shows up under the network branch but when I click on it to access the files, it sends me to the Administration webpage and not to the files. When it was still working, I set up File History on a folder on the NAS and that one is still working! So… why doesn’t file explorer allow me to access my files? Nothing strange on the extnded log file on the nas; it looks like the option to access the files is not among the available ones on file explorer.

Thanks a lot for your help!

never mind guys, I solved it. For some reason windows had changed the way it accessed network resources and it didn’t try to login with user and password as it used to do until a couple of days ago…


Thank for taking the time to post that you have solved the issue.