Can't boot with newly installed internal HDD

I just purchased/installed a WDC 2003FZEX-0 to replace a failing 2 TB Hitachi HDD. I used the included Acronis disk imaging SW to clone the Hitachi drive. In viewing the drives with DISKPART, it appears that the cloning was successful, and the new WD HDD is an exact image of the Hitachi drive. Unfortunately, I have been unable to specify the new WD drive as the system or boot drive - according to DISKPART. I have tried changing the Boot sequence to no avail; the computer still boots from the Hitachi drive. If I remove the Hitachi drive, and specify the WD drive in the boot sequence, I get a boot fail error. I am afraid the Hitachi drive is about to fail. How can I just replace it with the new (bootable) WD drive?

IMO You’re always better off installing a fresh copy of Windows on a new hard drive. A lot fewer issues. At any rate I had this same sequence happen to me the last time I tried cloning. I put the Windows 10 Installation disk in the drive and booted off that into trouble shooting mode and told the trouble shooter there was an issue booting. It fixed it and it booted fine after that.

You might get some help here LINK

I haven’t had any problem yet and for that reason I’m writing now. My question is: How do I install Windows 10, for which I have a digital license, but no disk, onto a brand new WD hard drive? Another question is: Will it be necessary to format or do anything else to the new hard drive?

There are a number of ways to install Windows 10.
If you want some good info try and read this

You have provided no info about your computer so I would make no recommendation about how to install it. It will be necessary to format it but windows will handle that for you. A Custom Installation is how Windows refers to this. Some will also call it a Clean Install. It can be done from a USB drive or from a DVD. It is much faster from USB like a thumb drive.

Good luck, sounds like you’ll need it. :slight_smile: