Can't backups ISO image to My Book

I have a My Book Essential, I use Macrium Reflect for backing up ISO image of the C drive.  I have yet to be able to backup to My Book.    Is there something wrong with it?  

I’m running Vista Home Premium with SP2

 I uninstalled the Smartware and disabled it’s drive and I still can’t back up to it.    The reason I bought it was to have a place to store ISO images.  It was getting kind of expensive to keep backing up to CD’s.

Also since the last update on the firmware and software my AutoPlay stopped working.    I can no longer boot my computer from a CD because it requires AutoPlay.

When you say you disabled it’s drive do you mean the virtual CD? You might try deleting the driver. Then remove the drive properly reboot and then plug the drive back in. Others are havinfg problems with the firmware too. I used to keep drivers and firmware updated. MY video card fried a while ago turned out a bad driver that got issued. Since I’ve been more inclined toward “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” . The Virtual CD and Smartware are junk I’ll never buy anything like that again.