Can't backup to the network using Windows Vista Backup and Restore

Hi everyone.  Just bought a 1TB My Book World Edition drive yesterday, so that I could have it on our home wireless network for backup and file storage for our laptops.  I have plugged it into the router and it is discoverable on the network just fine.  At the “Where do you want to save your backup?” screen, I can search for the folder on the network that I want to save the backup to, but at the next step it asks me for a password.  When I type in “admin” username and password, it comes up with the error message “access is denied”.  I’m not even sure why it is asking me for a username and password.  It has also come up with the error message “the array bounds are invalid (0x800706C6)” on another attempt.  Has anyoe else had a similar problem with Windows backup?  How do I get the Windows backup software to save to my WD My Book World Edition?

Hi there, what if you use “everyone” as the username and a random password? it works for the MyBook Live, you can check if it works with the MyBook World, if not then create a private share and use the private share username and password and see if it helps.