Can't add anything as "Favorite" or anything to "Queue"


I feel like I’m missing something very obvious but am out of ideas.   I just bought the Live Hub and I’m on th latest firmware. All of my files are on a Windows 7 Server and I have my video and music source tied to the Network Share => SMB => [my share name].

So I can see the vids and music files no problem, and when I do “Options” (yellow button), there’s no options for adding to queue or for favorites.  

In frustration, I even synched the share to the Live Hub’s internal drive, and when I add this as my source, and browse to the file still no favorite or queue option.  What am I doing wrong?? This feature was one of my big reasons for buying this unit so I could queue up my kids cartoons (.AVI files) so they didn’t have to ask us to go to the next show.  

The only thing that allows me to do favorites is the “Services”.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Do you have the media library enabled?

Hi Tony,

Yes, I do.

…and you’ve changed the CONTENT SOURCE to “My Media Library?”


Well, then I have no clue…  It’s working fine for me…

Ok, thanks.  I’ll call tech support.

If you are doing a network share and have enabled media library, are you saying you then have to change the content source from your network share to My Media Library instead?