Cant add any files, but can access and read files. 8.5.1-102

Since yesterday, and rather randomly, i can no longer add any files to my mycloud home drive from anywhere (iOS app, windows, mac and web - none work). Up until this version everything was working smoothly.

Weirdly, I can access, read and stream files just fine. I tried to browse the log files but didn’t quite know where to look.

Has anyone else encountered this issue lately?

4TB Mycloud home
Running 8.5.1-102

Reboot your device, there is a new update with bugfixes, maybe that update resolve the problem. WD Support

Hey thanks for the quick support. Tried rebooting a couple of times now… Is there any other way to force an update?

There isn’t other way to update, you can try to write to WD support, they can push the update from their side or see what’s the problem with your device.