Can't Access with Admin Account

dears i need your help
i have " my book world edition II" hard drive and the admin account with a password and i don’t know maybe i forgot something at it, however it doesn’t work anymore and i’m not sure that the reset button behind will format my data or not ?
please advice if you have any other solution.

@paula.toma In the WD Community you need to post to the forum for your type of device. Use link below.

i’m not sure what you mean and this link didn’t explain anything
how ever the type of device is already mentioned in my question
do you know what to do ?


@paula.toma You posted your question to the forum for the My Cloud device

SBrown has given you a link that should guide you to the forum for your device.

You may want to check this out too, from the Knowledge Base.

could any one from WD support contact with me on mail

@paula.toma You can contact them instead of waiting. A link is at the bottom right of this page, see example image below, and I am also adding it here.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it and see full image.