Can't access web interface?

Hi all, I just picked up a 2TB MBL and plugged it in yesterday (wired right into the laptop, and still is).  Ran discovery fine (I thought it was a little slow, but no concerns there).  Anyways, after discovery I clicked the link to launch the web interface, and it is the most frustrating thing.  First of all, 95% of efforts have timed out before opening even the sign in screen.  Then, on the rare occasion that I have gotten that far, it still has to load all the screens inside.  I managed once last night to get to the system settings page, and I renamed the drive to TVShows, but when I hit save it just got stuck at the saving screen for ~10 minutes, so I got frustrated and closed it and went to bed.  Apparantly it saved as I can see the drive on my networks tab in explorer.

I’m currently signed in, miraculously, but it still is moving extremely slow.  In the time it’s taken me to write this post I’ve gotten as far as Settings > Network.  It says “No internet access”, but I’m not sure if thats relevant as I’m just connected via the included network cable.

I still need to get in and tweek the users/shares/twonky stuff, but if this pace keeps up that’s virtually impossible.

I can access the network drive as a “Computer” from explorer, but even that is fairly slow.  I haven’t copied files into it yet, but when I double click the icon it goes to a blank screen and takes maybe a couple minutes to display the “Public” share.

I should say this is my second MBL, I have one called “Movies” which is connected wirelessly through the router, and it works fine.  Sometimes slow to load/move around folders, but still functional.  I’ve unblocked the entire IP range for the router (192.168.x.x) and lan (169.254.x.x i think), re-ran discovery, etc, but nothings been improving so far.  When I first installed the Movies MBL it wasn’t nearly so unbearable!

Interestingly enough, I’m getting results now.  I can navigate around and do stuff with ~2-3 minutes delay anytime I click something.  Have disabled Twonky and iTunes, now just gotta set up shares.  Don’t know if this is lasting or just luck.

I also don’t know if this might be a sympton, but WD Quick View lists temperature as unknown on the new MBL, but OK for the already established one, which are wired/wireless respectively.

Since you already have a functioning MBL you know how they are supposed to work. If your new one is acting this bad I would consider returning it and getting another. Just like any product, there is a small percentage with manufacturing defects, and you might be the lucky winner.

. I have a 1TB and a 3TB, the speed is exactly the same for both.

The only thing that might be causing you a problem is having the Wireless and Wired on at the same time. Try disabling your Wireless, rebooting both your computer and the new MBL, and see if that improves the performance.

Is the firmware the current version?  The current version of the firmware addresses the slow UI performance.