Can't access wd2go on a macbook running OSX 10.5.8

I am unable to access wd2go web access on my macbook running osX 10.5.8.

The login page works, I click on the drive, and then it fails.
Depending on which browser I use, it either stays on the page, and nothing happens, or else I am redirected to the Java webpage.

The whole reason I purchased this drive was to have access remotely on this macbook when I am way from my home network.

Is is possibly a Java sestting I need to change?  I have made a couple inquires for tech support but have had no response yet…

Did you downloaded the java update? Or do you get any error messages?

Yes, my Java is completely up to date.

No error messages.

Hi ssmphoto

I, too, had this problem but because my first priority was to use my MBLD for Time Machine backups I decided to resolve this issue first. After 8 months I succeeded in my task. I then decided to return to the WD2Go issue and to my surprise my remote access issue had been resolved. My conclusion is that my TM backup issue was linked to my WD2Go issue and somehow resolving my first priority issue helped resolve my second priority issue.

It is just a thought but are you experiencing any backup issues?

I had terrible problems getting my MBP (10.6.8 Snow Leopard) working with the MBLD. I was no better off using another MBP (10.7.x Lion); I encountered the same issues. However, when I upgraded my second MBP to 10.8 (Mountain Lion) my MBLD my twin issues apparently disappeared.

My primary laptop is still the Snow Leopard machine which I use for everday work and for diagnostics when I have network problems or when things go wrong. My second MBP is smaller and I mainly use on my travels. Both MBPs will now happily backup to my MBLD but it wasn’t always like that. Lion seems to avoid the problems of the previous operating systems.

Are you trying to connect using WD2go from the same network that the drive is attached to? I have never had any luck doing that.

Someone else is having the same issue 

Hi Chaos311

How perceptive of you. Yes, I am using WD2Go on a MacBook Pro connected to the same network as my WD NAS.

However, I don’t see why that should make any difference but now you have put the thought into my head I will try a remote access test from a Public House I know with fast Internet access. The PH has a satellite link but is perfectly reliable in fine weather.

I still haven’t figured out why resolving my TM backup issue seems to have largely resolved my WD2Go issues too.