Can't Access WD my Cloud


I have moved house and have taken my WD mycloud that i purchased in January 2014. I have connected it to the new router via ethernet and after a few hours the blue light comes on, and theoretically I should be able to access my data. But unfortunately it doesn’t let me in. I have a macbook, and cannot get in through the WD app or through finder or typing the address into firefox. I have downloaded an app on ipad called fing to see if it is on the network and it is seen and on the network.

It is connected to an ASUS RT-AC68U router which i believe to be a fast router so that i can access the data on my mac easily.

Has anyone got a solution or had this happen?



Was your cloud previously set with a static IP address?   If so, that might be preventing access if the new router is set up differently than the old one.

If os, you can do a soft reset which will set the IP address on the My Cloud back to default using DHCP.

Hi Tony

Thanks for this help. What is the best way to do a soft reset? I take it the data will stay on there when the soft reset is done?