Cant access WD My Cloud after inclusion of Router

I was using WD My Cloud with my Belkin modem where i had set static ip for My Cloud and had opened a port in my modem so that i could remote access the files in my external hard drive too. Yesterday i added a router to my modem for better connectivity (D-Link) and configured SSID and everything in my router and switched off wifi in my modem.

My internet is working fine via my router but now i cant access WD My Cloud. I have tried to open it via ip and web interface but nothing works. The web app just shows that My cloud is offline. The light in My cloud is steady blue so i would imagine that its connected. Although i would think that i would need to setup the network again in My cloud as the SSID has been configured in a different router now.

Can someone please help me here and guide me on how to overcome this problem?

Is your Belkin modem actually a modem/router? Can you gain access to the My Cloud if you remove the D-Link router? Is the My Cloud connected to the Belkin or the D-Link?

If the Belkin device is a router then if you connect a second router to the first you generally have to configure the second router’s firewall to pass the local network traffic from the first router rather than reject it. Typically what one does if they are connecting a second router to the first is disable DHCP server on the second router and connect the first router networking port to one of the second networking four ports, not the second router’s WAN/Internet port.

Yes it is a modem + router. My Cloud was working fine when it was connected directly to Belkin. Currently, My Cloud is connected to the D-link router.

I have switched off the wifi mode in the modem (belkin) as suggested when you are connecting a router to modem.
I have connected modem (belkin) to the internet port of the d-link router via ethernet cable.

Earlier i could ftp to my cloud as i had set static ip for it and had also opened a port in the Belkin modem.
But now although the blue led light is steady in My Cloud but it doesnt appear in the network.

I am not a pro in Networking so if you could please guide me step by step on what exactly needs to be done to make it work.

FYI, the internet works just fine with this router as i can see dual band wifi connections in the list.

What is the model name/number of the Belkin and D-Link routers? One can usually perform an internet search using the model name/number of the first router (Belkin) to find out how to connect a second router to it.

There are generally two ways to connect one router to another. First is to configure the first router (Belkin) into “bridge” mode. Without knowing the model name/number of the Belkin router its unknown if it can be put into bridge mode. The second way is to connect an Ethernet wire from one of the four networking ports on the first router (Belkin) to one of the four networking ports of the second router (D-Link). Using this second method you do not connect the Ethernet wire to the WAN/Internet port of the D-Link. Then access the second router (D-Link) administration page and disable the DHCP Server on the second router.

The problem is that the D-Link technical support had advised me to put the ethernet into the internet port of the router (D-link) and so i did to make internet/wifi work and it did work. I am wondering whether it will work or not if i would put the ethernet into a networking port.

I will check on the model numbers and will report back.

It will all depend on how your first modem/router is configured. If the modem/router is configured for bridge mode then you can generally plug the Ethernet wire from the modem/router’s networking port into the Internet/WAN port of the D-Link router. If the modem/router is not configured for bridge mode then generally one connects the modem/router to the second router (D-Link) by using one of the four networking ports on the second router and then disable the second router’s DHCP server.

Here are the model details:

Belkin - F7D1401 v1

D-Link : DIR-816