Can't access USB drive

I have a WD Passport USB drive which I want to use with my WD TV Live but when I plug it in it doesn’t appear on the menu. The drive itself is fine and works with my laptop but it can’t be seen when connected to the WD TV Live, neither does the USB light come on to indicate that it’s connected. I’ve tried both USB ports but without success. But strangely it did work a few days ago, but then I switched the media player off and when I turned it on again today the USB drive isn’t accessible/visible.

Any suggestions, anyone?

I had a simular problem where my WDTV Live Media player would not firstly recognise my Corsair flash drive, then slowly not recognise my WD Essentials Tb, then nothing at all.

So I added (regretfully) the .17 latest firmware, which did nothing but make my media player slower to turn on, boot up and even slower to transfer files.

So i pressed the reset switch, on the side i think, and it has been reading from the USB jacks again.

Im not saying it’ll work for you, just that thats how i got mine to work again, good luck anyways.

Just check if your flash **bleep** is formatted in FAT32… otherwise I beleive that it doesn’t work (NTFS).