Cant access to UI

I had downgrade WD to 030401 version is my current version.

And while i was installing KODExploer ( into WD.

I accdentially input the file and cover it into Wrong directory /var/www index file

So my index file was cover by the kodexploer index instead of the orginal WD UI

When i accessing the WD UI by using IP or http://wdmycloud/

It links to kodexplorer.

Is there anyway I can retrieve back the orginal WD UI?

Or I was thinking if upgrade WD into newer version back would help to get back the orginal index file?

Or anyone could povide me that index file to cover it back?

Appreciate your kindly help

Welcome to the Communtiy.

It may be possible by following the SSH de-brick/downgrade thread. However, I am not aware if this applies to the Dashboard as well.

maybe this thread can help