Can't access to MY BOOK LIVE Dashboard

I have problem accessing to the dashboard. Have try so many time but still can’t.

I have the same problem.  I bought a 2TB My Book Live yesterday and cant access the Dashboard and therefore cant complete the set up.

You have to enable UPnP in your firewall.

I have the same problem since upgrading the firmware on the device and since haven’t been able to access the dashboard.  I contacted WD to ask for a resolution and was informed that the only way to fix the issue would be with a hard reset although this can only be done via the dashboard (clever).  With this in mind, their recomendation was for me to return the device to the supplier to get a replacement and not to upgrade the firmware on the new device if it’s working ok anyway.

Great advice…

Check out nfodiz’s posts on how to recover a “bricked” mbl.

It requires a little technical know-how, but it’s rescued a bunch of folks…

Solution: Free some space in “/” you need to have ssh access enabled.