Cant access Shared Storage Manager

I have a MyBookWorld (1Tb) (blue rings) and cant access the Shared Storage Manager. I may have forgotten what i called the storage device name. I resest the drive hoping that some sort of default name (li ke http:\WDStorage) would work but it doesnt.

Any advice on how i can get to the SSM?

I am having the same problem.  I tried MyBookWorld but does not work.  I admit I have not used the interface in a while, but was sure that was the name.  The only think I can think of is that internet explorer was upgraded.  Did you solve this issue?

I’ve been faced with this issus for over a year now. WD doesn’t have good product or Customer Service which wasn’t helpful at all. I am unable to upgrade the firmware and worse yet, my RAID just failed (BTW, at work I have RAID WD HHD which also failed few months ago).

I’ll never buy anything from WD.