Can't access shared folders as admin

I’m trying to install an MBL in an office environment with 8 users including myself as admin.  Because we use a shared router I need to set up a private folder that only the 8 users can access.  The problem is that whilst I can set up users with access to the shared private folder I cannot access it as admin.  I’ve been though the set up process several times, even resetting the MBL and deleting then reinstalling the WD software.   It seems that the MBL system thinks I have multiple connections to the system but as far as I can see I only have one.  The attached is a screenshot of the error message received when I try to connect to the provate folder Doosan.  At this point I was signed in as admin and no other user accounts had been created.  Any ideas?

If you’ve also opened the PUBLIC folder (yes, just OPENED it) then you have created two connections.

Try disconnecting any mapped drives of the MBL, reboot your computer, then access the private share first.

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Genius!  this has worked.  I did it slightly differently as I had removed all traces of the WD software from the system.  After discovery I simply went to stage 3 and set up a shared private folder and then opened and mapped that directly.   Thanks very much for the assistance.