Can't access secured sites via Wifi on N900

My home network setup is as follows:

  • WD My Net N900 Central (N900C) connected to cable modem and configured as router

  • Asus RT-N56U (N56U) router connected to N900C via ethernet but confired as Access Point

If I connect to N900C via Wifi, I cannot access secured https websites (regular websites still work). However if I connect to N56U via Wifi or connect to N900C via ethernet, https sites are accessible.

I have tried disabling anti-virus and firewall but this problem remains. I have looked into browser settings but couldn’t find anything wrong. In any case, if these were the issue, they would presumably affect https site access for N56U Wifi or ethernet connections.

I have also tried to reset the N900C but again the problem remains.

Can someone help solve this problem?

Thanks in advanced!

Check the link below and on the Administrator Screen you will see the HTTPS settings, check if that works.