Can't access retrieved files on new Win10 laptop

Using Ultra device, retrieved files from XP laptop to new Win10 laptop.
All folders/files show status as ‘syncing’.
Can’t access any of them, when try to open get messages ‘Sorry we couldn’t open from…’ and ‘Cannot access the file, either file name/path doesn’t exist, file being used by other program, or workbook trying to save has same name as current open workbook’.
Did the retrieval not finish?
Appreciate any help to resolve, thanks!

This might be due to the incompatible version of file restored from Windows XP. Window 10 comes with the latest software and tools while XP works on lower versions of application software which might be not supported when restored to windows 10.

Thanks for response asp73. I was able to find a work around.
When files retrieved the entire directory path from my old laptop was brought over.
I copied just the folder where the files were located and pasted it to directly to the desired folder location on my new laptop. I was then able to access and open all files within that copied folder. Then I deleted the entire path that was retrieved. Not the ideal process but I made it work.