Can't access private/public folders on MBW using Lion


Can anyone help me with an access problem on my MBW (White Light)…

I’m running Lion on my MBP.

Ever since the firmware updates, I’ve not been able to access all but one of my folders on my MBW through finder - even when I’m logged in as the administrator.

I’ve tried creating new users with full access and changing all passwords, etc to no avail.

The error message (in finder) I receive is: 'The folder “(folder name)” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contants.

I can see there are still a number of problems with the MBW and Lion, but haven’t seen this issue on other threads.

Has anyone else got this error, or even better, been able to resolve it?

Can you access that share on other operating systems? That would be the best way to check if the share itself is bad or if it’s just another Lion incompatibility issue. If it does open on another operating system, you could move the content of that share to any other share you know is working on your computer.

Thanks ThePizzaMatrix - I’m hoping it’s another Lion incompatibility issue!!

Going to try to borrow a Windows machine to see if I can get some clarity on that.

I’m having a similar issue, did you get any results with this?

Here’s the issue I’m having…

  • I have the ‘Public’ folder, along with ‘Mine’ and ‘Yours’ folders (example), for my wife and I to keep our junk apart.  

  • I open the folders and see them as connected servers on the Mac Desktop (running Lion) under my User account.

  • I change to my wifes User account and open the same folders - they’re all shared on the local network publicly.

  • I go back to my account and get the “you can’t access these folder… no permissions…”

  • I open the ‘Mine’ and ‘Yours’ folders from Finder and then have duplicate… one set just have the Folder icon - which I can’t access, the other have the server icon, which I can access.

Now, this isn’t too much of an issue… unless, like me, you’re backing up your junk online to an offsite server.  In which case, the data is duplicated and I have ‘Mine’, ‘Mine_1’, ‘Mine_2’ etc for each folder…

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Essentially, you should be able to access the same folders from any user account without this issue.  Is it a Mac Lion problem or WD MBL issue?

Cheers folks.