Can't Access Passworded Cloud on Network

Just got my 2TB Cloud and I’m quite excited about it.

I run a home business and I want this to be our business server so all of the files that we need are accessable and current.

I want to be be able to edit files using things like DreamWeaver so I need full access to it.  However, since it is a business, I need it protected.

Here’s where I’m having an issue.

It worked fine without a password, absolutely perfectly, so I know it works.  Now with a pass word, when I click on the drive on my network from my PC it asks for a password like it should.  But its not accepting the password.

Do I need to add another user since the login from my pc looks like ‘computername/username’?  If so, how do I do that?

Or did I do something wrong setting it up?  Is there a switch I need to flick to get this to work?

Please help!

Thank you!