Can't access old links after upgrading to os5

Files were shared when the unit was running OS3. These links show up as<uid>&name=<name>

The unit has now been updated to OS5 - however when users try to access using the same file url that existed before, it says can’t connect to . I’m able to access the files just fine logging into mycloud OS5.

Is there a way to make the links work and not show as offline? I assume this is due to the OS5 upgrade (suppose it could be a firewall issue as well)

@vocoder128 you’ll need to re-share the files in OS 5 and send the new OS 5 sharing link to the users.
The previous OS 3 share link will no longer function since the device is updated to OS 5 and using OS 5 Cloud Services.

That is a big problem. Was that listed in the release notes someplace, because I sure didn’t see it. At the very least, WD should setup redirection