Can't access MyWorldBook II through HDPhoto app

MyWorldBook II has been registered as a device in WD Photo using the MioNet password.

I checked if  MioNet is up to date which it is,

still I get the error message "Device is offline. (668).

As I can access through my PC and another app I know that the error message is not correct.

Any advice welcome

Not for that drive dude,  sorry

WD Photos is only for My Book Live and WD TV Live Hub

WD Photos gives you the option to connect to My Book Live Duo, My Book Live, WD TV Live Hub, WD ShareSpace AND My Book World Edition…

I used to be able to see all my photos, but am now too experiencing the "Device is offline. (668) " error.

Just installed the latest firmware update:

01.02.14 with MioNet 
built on Thu Feb 9 14:11:48 CST 2012

so the device will have gone through a complete reset, yet MioNet can’t see it via the web portal either.

Don’t want to hijack someone else’s thread, so I’ll start another - just thought I’d correct the device availability advice.