Can't access MyWorld via Mionet - says 'no support for this device'


I’ve just purchased a WD My World 2TB  drive and all seems to work well on my home network under windows 7, so I thought I’d try out the remote access. After a few hours work managed to get the status on the remote access page to show as started and registered. Now I can log into Mionet and see the WDMW drive and folders ok. However, when I try to open a folder on the Mionet web page I get the message “Mionet does not support this device in a local network. Please use the software provided with the device to access it through 'my computer”


Have I done something wrong or missed a stage?

 I can’t see any other similar problems on this forum so would be very grateful if someone could help me out here.

Hi Wedgie,

This is normal behavior.  MioNet cannot be used to access the drive when on the same local network.  When on a local network, just map to the public folder and place your data on it.  If you have created a MioNet account and it is registered as you stated.  When you go off site, login to MioNet and you should be able to access the files.

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Thanks - now tried this and all is working well.