Can't access mycloud over the network anymore

I have a problem, I cannot connect over the network to mycloud named AUSSIEQLD.

It won’t show my directories anymore.

It worked fine until now.  I do not know what caused this situation.

Does anyone have a solution?


Your picture isn’t showing at this time, but have you checked your router to see if the IP has changed to your My Cloud?

Have you tried pulling the power on the My Cloud … waiting 10 seconds and then plug it back in?

Arre you trying to access it through the Dashboard?

I have the same issue for the last month. Is your light blue?

Does it response to ping at the command line?

Windows key + R -> cmd -> ping

Mine does respond to ping, but that’s it. No UI or CIFS access. Oddly I can access it for a brief moment while it is booting up (while the light is still white). It takes 30-60 minutes to boot (white to blue light).

I’ve given up and will return it to Costco next time I go.