Can't access Mycloud from browser {access denied}


You might have seen this post before, but i couldn’t find the thread.

When i try to connect to wd2go from a distant location (out of my house network) i see my cloud ready, but i can’t access it 

it shows me this page.

And tells me i have to be a registred user. But i only have 1 user account. don’t really understand.

also it works from my cloud desktop app . (btw i’m on mac 10.9.2) . I could use only the app, but i need to mount the drives to my computer as i have a Sync app transfering my local files to the cloud ( if you’re asking)

Do you have any solution ? I did a factory restoration and keeps doing it…

I also tried on all browsers.


See if the following link helps.

After a Java update, Shares on a Personal Cloud drive fail to load when being accessed via Remote Web Access 

You can also use the WD My Cloud Desktop app as a second option.

Installing and using the WD My Cloud Desktop App