Can't access MyCloud EX2 Ultra dashboard on local network


I am new to the NAS technology.
I set up my NAS with my home router in my previous home with no problems whatsoever.
I have moved and have a new router, I can access the NAS via Finder on my mac and see all my files, but I cannot access the dashboard / user interface via http://mycloudex2ultra.local/
It says : This website is inaccessible. Please check that the address is correct.

I tried the 4 second reboot method, and I also rebooted the router, with no success.

Could anyone help me with this issue ? I haven’t found the exact same topic on here, I’m sorry if this is a repeat !

Thanks for your help

I don’t know if it will help but I have this issue when the NAS was plug on a Devolo dLan… The Devolo was on my only one network so I assumed it was ok, but not. I had to plug the NAS on the router and now I can access the webpage http://mycloudex2ultra.local from all my macs.

But still have major issuer with Time Machine :frowning: