Can't access MyBookWorld via WAN IP?

I currently have my MyBookWorld Edition NAS connected to my router. I forwarded ports 80, 22, and 443 to the drive in hopes of remote access. However, when I enter the WAN IP of the router into the address bar of my browser, I get the MBW admin page login. But I can’t map the shares. When I enter \wanip in the run box (replacing wan ip with the actual IP), it says it can’t find the IP. But I can access the admin panel via the browser. How can I fix this?


Are you trying to access the device by means of a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connection? If so, the WAN address is not enough.

First, please ensure FTP access is actually enabled for the share you would like to access, then the syntax would be ftp://username:password@WAN.IP.Address (Example:

Also, please bear in mind that the WD My Book World Edition will use port 21 for FTP by default.