Can't access my passport

I tried solving a problem earlier today, in which I tried to eject my external ssd. And came across this video. I tried uninstalling one of the drivers. To my surprise, it worked and was able to eject my ssd. But upon moments after, I realized I cannot access my ssd anymore. I tried updating my drivers or used the “search for hardware changes” feature in the Device Manager program in Windows. And to no vail, I still cannot access my hard drive. Is there any solution or way to fix this?

Please check & try to fix the below issue and hopefully your drive will be recognized:

  1. Initialize your SSD in case if it is not initialized.
  2. Assign a drive letter to your SSD.
  3. Check if the SSD file system is supported by Windows or not.
  4. Check if the SSD disk driver installed properly or not.