Can't access my MBL. HELP!


I cannot access my MBL, and have important personal data in it.

More than one year ago it lost the front LED (don’t know why) but since it was still working, it was not a problem.

No I just can’t access it.

If I turn it off and on again, I can hear the HD drive starting up, and the back Ethernet socket LEDs are on (upper green, blinking, lower ambar, static).

Please help, because I have some photos, movies and work data that i cannot lose.

Thanks in advance.


wish you were more clear in “cannot access mbl”. What does that mean? How are you trying to acccess it?

  • First, see manual so you know what the Ethernet LEDs mean

  • See if you get to the dashboard by name or IP

http://mbl_name (http://mybooklive

http://mbl_ip  (

I recommend you take the time to read and fully understand the concept of BACKUPS. Here is a good link… Just read the Backup section.

The MyBookLive hard drive I have had for about a year and a half is the most non-user friendly hard drive made… EVER!  If I could just connect to it and retrieve my files… Is that too much to ask?  Mine is completely full from backing up my Macbook using Time Machine but my Time Machine can’t access it.  Even my Asus PC can’t access anything but files backed up from a PC.  Why can’t I just go on to the hard drive and drag files I want off of it???  Is it too much to ask for me to just be able to see what’s on there instead of it just saying “Other Files” for my Time Machine back-ups… This is so frustrating!  It says MyBookLive on the left column of my finder but it says “connection failed” and does nothing when I click “connect as…” :angry:

Dear Shabuboy,

I know about backups… And I’ve been using WD drives for 25 years now. Until now no WD left me hanging. Let’s hope this is not the first time…

I have my MBL connect by ethernet to my router as it is since I bought it, perhaps 2 years ago.

I have always used it sucessfully, (though transfer speeds were frustrating).

For the last 2 months I didn’t use the drive, but this week, when I was going to use it, I just could not “reach” it.

In “My Computer”, all my \MYBOOKLIVE partitions have a cross over them.

I remember one of the last times I used it, I did a firmware update that didn’t finish correctly.

Now I can’t even access dashboard, and cannot “find” the drive in my network…


You are lucky, 25 yrs no hard drive failures… I had a couple HD faillures in the same time frame, different brands, nevertheless, hardware will died sooner or later. You mentioned recovering files, hence I mentioned backups. Keep them updated

Speed are fine for this device, you got to get to know where the limitations are, as well as your network. I have a 10/100 network and it is pretty decent, but I know what the max will be.

Anyhow… Good luck, here it is…

And the Reset button, is it any good?

Is there any way to reset the MBL without loosing the data stored in it?

Debricking is your only option. it’s realitively easy. If you do it correctly, you will not lose you data. infact you can transfer the data from the drive to your computer when you are doing teh debricking.