Can't access my drive via wd2go - 'Webpage not available'

Hey guys,

Weird error today. Everything has been working pretty smoothly but all of a sudden today I wanted to access my drive outside of my network via wd2go and I can’t. I can logina and view the drive fine, but then as soon as I click on the ‘view shares’ option the website just hangs and I get the ‘This webpage is not availble’ message.

This also happens on the phone.

I have noticed that the green light has been blinking like crazy lately and the hdd making a lot of ‘reading’ noises - more than usual, but I think that could be the drive indexing itself as I recently copied over a large amount of small files.

Could this indexing state be causing the wd2go to timeout or something?

I think is a issue with the application it self. it did the same to me yesterday. Try unistalling the app and install that again at least on the phone.