Can't access my disk through USB on my computer



I also have an issue accessing my data on my external drive. My disk doesn’t work on my USB port (tested with 5 computer with windows ubuntu and mac os). But I can make it work on my internet box and my phone (android) with a cable USB to USB C. It also works on a mac with the USB C cable (HD -> USB -> USB C).The led is ok and the disk running but doesn’t appear in disk management/Gparted.

I don’t understand this behaviour. Do you have any idea on how to make it work again on my computer ?

Thank you very much,


Did you try a different cable between the drive and your PC’s?

If it works when connected to multiple USB-C ports with one cable but not to multiple normal USB ports with a different cable, that would say to me your USB cable is broken.



I try and the configuration with usbc cable is : USBA + USBC. So USBA cable should work …

I try with another USBA cable and same result.