Can't access My Cloud when in someone else's home

Hi all

Got my new My Cloud 4TB and it’s great, backs everything up perfectly. However I have a small problem and hopefully someone can help.

Using the Android App I can see all my files and upload etc while on my own Wifi network, i.e. the same one the My Cloud box is connected to. However if I am in someone else’s house using their Wifi or even my own mobile data I get ‘Unable to Access device. (500)’ error.

I assume I should be able to access my files no matter where I am.

What is this all about ?

Any tips ?



Have you enabled Remote Access with in the My Cloud Dashboard? Have you configured a User for Remote Access?

See the My Cloud User Manual (, or the My Cloud Dashboard Help, or the two My Cloud Learning Center websites ( and for more information on how to setup and use Remote Access.


Does your router support upnp and its it enabled?
Is your My Cloud in Relay or Port Forward mode?
Does your ISP or your router block port 80 or 443?