Can't access My Cloud over wireless

I’ve just set up my new My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) and all was going fine until I unplugged my laptop (Mac) from an ethernet cable to my router.
I was able to access the My Cloud through Finder perfectly fine over ethernet, but now over wifi it doesn’t connect or appear in my Finder. And when I try to go to the dashboard, I can’t access that either. I am however, able to access the My Cloud over wifi through my phone’s My Cloud app.

Thanks for any help anyone might be able to offer.

What happens when you try to manually map your unit using AFP?

Just tried that now - unfortunately it didn’t work.

I just went through the process of getting WiFi access to my wdmirror using a Mac.
It was a very involved configuration problem which a WD tech solved using remote access to my Mac. Call techsupp: 1-855-842-5370.