Can't Access My Cloud on Wi-Fi

I bought this device 2 days back & I couldn’t set this up :sweat:

I have a D-Link 2750U Wi-Fi router. The ‘WD My Cloud 2 TB’ is connected to this router through a LAN cable. The LED light on the My Cloud is steady & blue.

If I try to search the My Cloud on Wi-Fi connection, I can’t find it. However, it is found & accessible if I connect my laptop directly to the router by another LAN cable.

Please help.

Check to make sure the IP address of the wireless computers/devices are in the same IP address range as the My Cloud. For example that all devices are in the 192.168.1.x IP address range. On newer wireless routers there is often a “guest” network that is isolated from the main wireless network which will prevent those clients from accessing the devices like the My Cloud. Make sure to log into the correct wireless network. Check the router’s administration page and check the advanced wireless settings to ensure User Isolation isn’t enabled or set to On for the wireless network(s).

Thanks Bennor. The problem is resolved :grinning:

What was the actual problem and how did you resolve it?

In Router’s admin page, under wireless, user isolation was enabled. I disabled it. The drive showed immediately.