Can't access My Cloud Mirror at home

Dear CS, 

I set up a “My Cloud Mirror” in the office, and fully installed the software at my notebook, 

I wonder, how can i still using the “Mirror Server” i am not in the office ?

are there any method i could still using without using the same internet?

I tried to use the IP address, but it couldn’t even detected the Mirror Server

again, i tried to use the email address and the same password as my user account, it is unable to log in.

How about the activation code? do i need to update everyday for the activation code to log into the Server.

Please kindl help, so that i am able to work at home sometime in between, if there are any other convient method you could suggest me.

Thank you so much .  

You won’t be able to access it via IP address, as that address will be the internal IP address of the MCM as assigned by the router in your office (192.168.x.x or possibly 10.10.x.x or somesuch depending on your router set-up).

What you need to do is enable cloud access on your MCM (see section 4 of the MCM user manual, page 22 onwards) and then use that activation code along with the relevant WD app for the device you’re trying to use remotely to access the MCM to set up the remote access. You also need to ensure that cloud access is turned on (under the settings menu on the MCM dashboard, go to the general settings tab and make sure the “cloud access” switch is set to on (see page 108 of the manual). This is presuming that your office router is set up to allow uPNP connection and port-forwarding to allow the connection in through it from outside to the MCM - if it doesn’t work you’ll need to talk to your office IT people about whether it could be permissable to set it up or not.

The activation code only needs to be done once to authorise the given user (and associated email address) to have the remote access. After that they can use the apps to remote-connect to any shares which they would normally have permission to see if they were directly connecting to the MCM on the local network.

Note that this will only allow access via the WD apps, it can’t be used (for example) to map a drive under Windows Explorer or anything like that. If you want to work on files, in most cases you will need to download a copy via the app, work on that local copy and then upload again via the app. It depends a little bit on the file-type involved, but it is generally the case.

An alternative way to do it is to arrange for a remote access onto your office network itself (a VPN log-in or something like that), at which point your MCM will be available normally as you will in effect be logged into the network as if you were physically sat in the office and connected directly.

Thank you! i will read fully and try. 

thanks alot. Have a nice day! :smiley: