Can't access My Book Live Drive via WD2go anymore

Remote access to My Book Live worked perfect until last week, now can’t access My Book via WD2go anymore after updating to Windows 8.1. I’m not sure if the upgrade is the issue or not. I can sign in and see My Device, but when I sign into the network drive I immediately get routed to the Oracle Java sight. I have unloaded and reload Java and received a successful installation message but still get same results.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Just searching “Windows 8.1” and Java, there’s lots of people reporting similar issues with Java and Windows 8.1

Yes there seems to be an issue with IE11 and Java at the moment.  Use either firefox or chrome

Yes, I have similar problem, mine from yellow LED turns to Red - Drive could not be found … help, it is still under warranty though - please reply ASAP

I am also having this problem since reciently updating to IE11. I reloaded Java but still get the Oracle page after entering my password in the WD2Go view shares screen. This is AFTER I log in to my WD2Go account successfully. Seam to me the issue is some sort of incompatability between the WD2Go, IE11 and/or Oracle’s Java.