Can't Access My Book Live 2TB from Finder on my iMac

For whatever reason, my accessability seems to be diminishing to maybe once every 50 times I try.  What the heck is going on?  I’m running IOS Mavericks and have no problem (it seems OK) with getting to my 3TB MyClound NAS, but the slightly older 2TB MyBookLive is driving me nuts.  Whenever I _CAN_ get access, I’m moving files off the drive because I’m worried its going to just die on me although I don’t see any signs of that with noises or whatever when I do get to it.

Something is very wrong here, and yeah, I keep getting emails from WD saying they are working on some kind of problem, but how can one drive work and the other one not?  Pretty sure I have the latest firmware.

Im having the same problem with my older 2TB MBL from my new Macbook Pro with Maveriscks. I can see it in the ‘Shared’ directory fine but keep getting ‘Connection Failed’ when I try to access the drive. I have had one successful attempt, like you, in about 50 tries. 

Cant see any fixes in the forum yet though.

Yeah… most times I can “see” the MBL in the left column but when I go to open the drive, I get that “Connection Failed” message.  Before Mavericks, this drive performed flawlessly.  Ironically, it worked so good that I had bought the 3TB MyCloud drive.  None of these issues appear on the newer 3TB drive… both are on the same computer network, sitting side by side.  I’m thinking there’s a bug in the firmware of the 2TB MyBookLive drives that WD can’t seem to figure out.

Frankly… if new drives work, I think they should warranty out the old ones and replace them with comparable 2TBMyCloud drives.  Its insane for a graphic designer to have to keep copying and shifting files because WD drive is not working as it should.