Cant access media with WD TV plus, airport and external hard drive

Hello folks,

I recently switched from an all PC environment that had my WD TV plus working fine  to an all Mac environment that I cant manage to get connected.  Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a WD TV plus that is hardwired to an airport extreme ethernet port by way of WD Livewire.  I then have my data on a My book essential plugged directly into the usb port of the airport extreme.   Computers on the network have no issues reading and writing to the shared My book essential wirelessly so I believe I have the sharing profiles set up properly. 

When I got to setting on the WD TV and then file management I am able to see the network and it allows me to click to password but then says no media present.

Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?  do you need any more details?

Thanks in advance,


Try to connect the my book directly to the Mac and select it as a shared folder, then check again from the WD TV.

Helpful Hint. Get rid of this unit and get the Micca EP-350, as it takes everything you can throw at it. It has some issues withthe remote, but I use a RF-20 universal and get th advantage of extra power for all my equipment. I thought I would like the WD TVLIVE, but I am very disappointed. I recycle the power whenever I get an error and this always works. Never had to do anything like this on a Micca.

Carey, read my post by rbots below. I am dead serious about this. I have been using the Micca’s, Diyomate, etc for years and never had a codec, or video format problem, ever !!. It is worth the change. I am very angry with WD because I just threw away 100 bx for an American product I thought finally came through the BS and constraints and put their minds into their coding work.

Good Luck.