Cant access Media Server..........?

I am trying  (in vain) to restore the connection from my Xbox360 and My WD My book world (white light) 2tb Network drive.

It was working a treat and then I had to update Xbox360 due to Xbox Live settings and the poxy thing cant be found anywhere!!!

So as part of trying to resolve the issue I am trying to access the Media server and all I get is a webpage with…

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. is not set up to establish a connection on port 9000 with this computer.

**bleep** is wrong with this thing…?

I am getting close to resorting to brute force…

Any kind help would be greatly appreciated.


Dude, try to access yourMBWIPaddress:9000 from a computer to check if the permissions on your 360 are blocked.

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Thanks mate

I have tried to access port 9000 and it wil not connect to any web page.

This was the crux of my problem…What does this mean?

How do I fix it,