Can't access MBWE at all

'WD mybook world edition 500GB I could not be accessed at all. I’ve done reset by pressing the reset button for 40 seconds (as instructed) but I can not access it either through the web interface or via a network drive.

somebody can provide a solution to this problem? Can I put the harddisk directly into my computer and access it directly from windows vista? or I have to use a computer with linux to recover the data?

help me please, there is most important data on it

after waiting a few days without an answer from this forum or the support of WD (WD support only give useless answers), I finally deasembly my wd and move the harddrive on my computer.

wiht R-Studio, I recover all important data, put the old casing of MBWD to trash and install harddrive to my linksys NMH-300.

I finally learned that the support of WD is not good.