Can't access m2ts files in blu-ray folder

Just got the WD TV Live today and I’m having an issue. I want to be able to access specific m2ts files from a blu-ray rip that’s stored in an external harddrive but it won’t allow me to to do so. It’s a TV series and it will just start from the first episode which is a huge pain. I noticed if I select “files” instead of “video” I can access some of the sub-folders but once I go from: Blurayname>BDMV>JAR OR STREAM (select stream)>Blurayname(once again). However, when I first installed an update a message came up which I can’t remember and I selected “no” and then I was able to access the individual m2ts files (0001.m2ts, etc.) but when I turned off the box and turned it back on I was no longer able to do so.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Take them out of the BDMV folder.



   — 00000.m2ts



The name “BDMV” triggers that specific behavior in navigation / playback.

Thanks.  I have a blu-ray player and external player on my TV but each have their own problems when dealing with certain files that require workarounds and I was hoping this would eliminate all that but oh well. 

In  case anyone is curious