Can't access local drive over the network with WDBHG70000NBK-HESN

My older WDBAAP0000NBK-PESN WD TV Live Media Player allows me to access the local drive plugged into the USB port via my home network, but I have not been able to get my new WDBHG70000NBK-HESN WD TV Live Streaming Media Player to allow me access to a local drive plugged into its USB port.

I got the new player for my wife who is visually impaired and has a hard time reading the user interface.  Also her room where she watches TV is not wired for the home network, so I thought the wireless version would work well for her to replace her original WD TV HD player.  My thought was to be able to load media for her to watch on her local hard drive over the network.  I use a URC MX-900 programmable home theater remote for her so I can program macro keys that allow a single press to access the files on the current player.  It works well except I have to disconnect the hard drive to hook up to my PC for loading new media files.  So, the network would be a lot better solution.

So is the new player able to share a hard drive on the network?  And if so, what am I doing wrong? 

Yes, it is able to share a drive over the network. Check your network settings and make sure that sharing is on.

Also, can you post your network map road?