Can't access from LAN to WD Live HUB via WiFi adapter

Hi all!

I have bought  WD TV Live HUB and D-LINK DWA-140 WIFI rev 1.60 adapter for WIFI access. DWA-140 rev 1.30 have listed in WD compatible list. I  bought  newer release , because 1.30 is missing now in stock.

I connect WD TV Live HUB with DWA-140 to my home router ASUS-RT32 without any problem. Online services (youtube, live365 etc) works fine, but i cann’t access to WD from my  laptop (Vista) and desktop(XP) computers. I see WDTVLiveHUB in Network environment, but when i click on it, i have an error message.

Then i removed DWA=140 from WD USB port and connect WD via ethernet cable. And i have got access to WD ! In the right angle of my Windows XP screen i got a message “new PnP device detected”, after that i succesfully entered to WD settings.

It is veru strange because  IP adresses on the network setup screen of WD Hub was the same for both WiFi and LAN configuration.

Now all works fine. But i need WiFi access to device because ehernet port is missing on the  planned place for install. Do you have any idea how to reach this ? May be i need new router ? Or release 1.60 is incompatible with WD ? What is going wrong ?



First, i changed DHCP settings on my router from dynamic IP to static (fixed) IP for the USB dongle of WD Live Hub.

Then  i added the following row to hosts file (located in WinRoot\System32\Drivers\etc folder): WDTVLIVEHUB

Finally i reboot all devices(router, hub, desktop, laptop) and all became ok. i have got the ping answer from Live HUB and gain access from LAN to hub.

That’s all. Now we know that DLink DWA-140 release 1.60 is compatible with Live Hub. And Asus RT-G32 WiFi router is too.