Can't access from anyware my 'WD my cloud' 3TB

I use Windows 10 and can see the dashboard with 

I can sent registration e-mails.

When i try to sign in with “” i get the message “Can’t connect to WDMyCloud” with the advice to accept the device’s security certificate (i have done that and they are in the windows sertificates archive).

Clicking at the settings (left side) say’s the device is offline ??? But i can store files on it and navigate and i have allocated a driveletter.

The last advice is to contact WD Support, but the published support phone numbers for Belgium on the website are not reachable and are not allowed.

How can i solving this problem and enjoy access from anyware?

Thanks for solution tips

I can’t help you fix it, but I can direct you to the support phone numbers

Hope that helps

Thanks, but that are the numbers who are not functioning since 3 days.

I can access my drive with the app’s on my smartphone, tablet and ultrabook (with WIFI at home) but it fails on extern locations. 

Poor WD service.

Finally i have found the solution!

ZERO points for WD manual and their service!

The install solution for WD2go for MyCloud is clicking on “Click here for Instructions” on 

Your link is corrupt, and 8526 points to this:

“How to enable port forwarding on a network router for use with a My Cloud, My Book Live, or My Book Live Duo”

Is that the one you meant? It doesn’t sound like a solution to installing software.

And yes, the manual is pretty poor and now out of date…


My drive was always working, but it was not accesible from other locations.

I followed the instructions in that link, no dhcp and so on…

Now i can acces the drive at home, at work and at other places!



Did you solve the problem with acces from anywhere? I have the same problem.

Thanx for advice in advance