Can't access files on smart tv

Hi. A week or two ago I went into my media server on my Panasonic viera smart tv (and then later on my LG smart to in the bedroom) and it says there are no files on my wd cloud storage device. When I access it through my iPad and my laptop I can play everything fine but without me making any changes to anything it will not find any file when doing it through either tv, even though it does say that the wd device is there still.

Access the Dashboard.
Check that media serving is enabled on the share contain your media (Shares tab).
Check that media streaming is enabled (Settings tab, Media)
Rebuild the DLNA media database.

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I have the same problem with my Samsung UE40F6500 and WD My Cloud 2TB. I have full access via my PCs / Mobiles / Tablet, but not via TV. This problem appeared suddenly. I tried to rebuild the DLNA media database but all the numbers of Music, Photos and Videos remain 0.

PS. I have updated the firmware of all my devices.

Just to say…the suggestion resolved my issue

Upgrading the firmware on the MyCloud can leave it in a confused state regarding media serving. Try my suggestion above, and then read

Finally, after several ON/OFF and Scan/Rebuild of the media server, the system succeeded to find the files.

Also, at the Share tab (Twonky Server) I had added 3 new folders (for music, photos and videos).

I did the WD my Cloud EX4100 for sharing data within my LAN network, and to conduct backups. I have no use for redundancy, like RAID. But I have concluded, for my purposes, the My Cloud Ex4100 has serious flaws; it won’t stream to my Smart TV(without third party apps and cost), but does to my many PCs; it’s networking comes and goes, it appears to need more disk space to duplicate what I have in other folders (ex., "Share My Music),which is probably their way to stream to a Smart TV; the Ex 4110 has absolutely no robust backup, which wants to duplicate each backup (again without a third part app), the unit can’t let e use identifiers, (like folder icons, to differentiate between like folders; even the call support requires a linguistics expert to get here the English dialect. I could go on, but why?