Can't access files on one PC but can on other


Something happened with my Passport Ultra, for some reason I can’t access my files on PC. When I plug it in, it loads WD Unlocker, I unlock the drive, it says the drive is unlocked but I still can’t see it. I checked other threads and people either suggest the data on the disc is corrupted or there is something wrong with the cable. Neither applies here because the driver works fine on my laptop. It all started out of the blue, there were no Hardware nor Software changes done on my PC.
Both OS are Win10

I can see files with MiniTool Partition Wizard but not in My PC and I can’t access them

The picture is a bit blurry when I try to expand it, but from what I can see, it looks like your computer is not assigning a drive letter to the Passport. Without a drive letter it won’t show up correctly. Try right clicking on the drive in Disk Management and manually assign a drive letter.